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The booth is both attractive and extremely sturdy. Solid teak wood base and upholstery seat design provides years of lasting beauty. Designed for comfortable and relaxed seating that is suitable for daily use in food and beverage outlets.
RM 250 / Foot Run.


L/W 120 cm x D 65 cm x H 110 cm x SH 46 CM

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Single-Booth-Seating is a versatile and popular seating arrangement that combines privacy, comfort, and functionality. It typically consists of a single booth or bench with a high backrest and side panels, providing a sense of enclosure and  isolation for the occupant.

One of the key advantages of Single-Booth-Seating is its ability to create a private and familiar dining experience. The high backrest and side panels act as barriers, shielding the occupant from distractions and the surrounding environment. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a quiet and focused meal, a place to work, or a cozy corner to enjoy a book or engage in personal conversations.

Comfort is a paramount consideration when it comes to Single-Booth-Seating. The plush and padded upholstery of the booth provides excellent support and relaxation. The cushioned seat and backrest ensure a comfortable seating experience, allowing the occupant to sit for extended periods without discomfort.

Furthermore, Single-Booth-Seating allows for high adaptability and customization to suit various interior design themes and preferences. The choice of upholstery fabric, colors, and materials enables seamless integration into the overall aesthetics of the space. Whether it is a sleek and modern design or a rustic and cozy ambiance,Single-Booth-Seating can be tailored to enhance the visual appeal and atmosphere of the area.

Single-Booth-Seating also offers practical benefits. The enclosed design not only enhances privacy but also reduces noise levels, allowing for better focus and conversation. It provides a designated space for individuals, eliminating the need for separate tables, and optimizing space utilization in establishments such as restaurants, cafes, and waiting areas.

Moreover, Single Booth Seating can accommodate various needs and preferences. It can be designed with additional features such as power outlets, USB ports, or built-in lighting for individuals who wish to work or charge their electronic devices while enjoying their time in the booth. This adds to the convenience and functionality of the seating arrangement.

In summary, Single Booth Seating is a versatile and appealing option that offers privacy, comfort, and customization possibilities. With its familiar and secluded ambiance, customization options, and practical features, Single-Booth-Seating is ideal for various settings.  Whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, library, or waiting area . Single-Booth-Seating provides a cozy and personal space for individuals to relax, work, or engage in private conversations.

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