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 A handy bar chair suitable for Cafe and restaurants. It is made of Solid wood. The chair is designed to maximize your seating capacity without compromising the comfort of your valued customers. The chair comes with a solid seat however a loose and washable cushion is available on demand (with additional cost).


L/W 43 x D 45 x H 108 SH 75

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Typically, manufacturers construct Upholstered-Bar-Chair frames from sturdy materials such as solid wood, metal, or a combination of both. Manufacturers create chairs for elevated seating at bars or counters, fostering a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere for socializing, dining, or drinks.

One of the key features of Upholstered-Bar-Chair is the luxurious upholstery. High-quality foam pads the seat and backrest, covered in fabric or leather for a plush and cozy seating surface. Upholstery adds comfort and elegance, enhancing the overall appearance of the chair with a touch of refinement. Choose from a wide range of fabric or leather options in various colors, patterns, and textures to complement your decor.

Manufacturers typically make Upholstered-Bar-Chair frames from sturdy materials like solid wood, metal, or a combination of both. This ensures durability and stability, as bar chairs are subject to frequent use and weight-bearing. The designers thoughtfully incorporate a footrest into the frame at a suitable height, ensuring comfortable foot resting and ample support.  A footrest promotes proper posture and relaxation, enhancing the bar or counter seating experience.

Upholstered-Bar-Chairs come in various heights to accommodate different counter or bar configurations. Designers create counter height chairs for standard kitchen counters or islands, while they design bar height chairs for taller bar counters. Some models even offer adjustable heights, providing additional flexibility to cater to various needs and preferences.

Choose from a variety of chair heights to meet your specific needs and create a comfortable and ergonomic seating arrangement. Manufacturers design Upholstered-Bar-Chairs in diverse styles to suit the various settings in which they are used. From classic and traditional styles to modern and contemporary aesthetics, there is a wide range of designs to suit any decor theme. Traditional designs often feature ornate details, curved lines, and intricate woodwork, exuding a sense of timeless elegance. On the other hand, modern and contemporary styles tend to showcase clean lines, sleek silhouettes, and minimalist finishes, creating a more streamlined and contemporary look. Transitional styles bridge the gap between traditional and modern, offering a harmonious blend of both worlds.

Beyond their visual appeal, Upholstered-Bar-Chairs also foster social interaction and create a welcoming environment. Their raised height encourages conversations and engagement, making them perfect for entertaining or gathering with friends and family

Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party, enjoying a casual meal, or simply relaxing at the bar, these chairs provide a comfortable and inviting seating option that encourages people to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

Upholstered-Bar-Chairs are not limited to commercial establishments but have also become popular choices for residential kitchens, home bars, and entertainment spaces. They add sophistication and functionality, elevating the ambiance and providing a comfortable seat for extended periods. Outdoor-friendly materials enable using upholstered bar chairs to create stylish and cozy seating areas on outdoor patios or barbecues.

In summary,Upholstered-Bar-Chairs combine comfort, style, and functionality to enhance any bar or kitchen space. Their luxurious upholstery, sturdy construction, and versatile design options make them a go-to choice for both commercial and residential settings. Whether you’re looking to create an inviting atmosphere in a bar, complete your kitchen island with comfortable seating, or add a touch of elegance to your home entertainment area, upholstered bar chairs are the perfect choice for a cozy, stylish, and enjoyable seating experience.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 47 × 110 cm

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